Forgotten Chicken

I’ve made this dish twice.  The first time, we ate it but didn’t quite enjoy it.  After we had it the second time, the Wee One thanked me for cooking it.  The next day, he ran out to my car after I pulled up in the driveway after work.  He wanted to eat the leftContinue reading “Forgotten Chicken”

How a Coke Saved the Day

I’m sitting here at the computer trying to write a blog post using one of the writing prompts that were provided.  My brain is blank.  

A Perfect Snow Day

My alarm jerks me out of sleep. Then the phone rings, the voice on the other line says “Due to the weather, there is going to be no school for ___ School District.” Since I’m now awake, I curl up on the couch under my comforter.  I either read a book, play on my phone,Continue reading “A Perfect Snow Day”

Potato Pancakes

I’m going to try to post a new recipe every Tuesday.  At least that is my goal.  Let’s hope I can reach the target. It all depends on what happens in my life.  As you know life happens.