Forgotten Chicken

I’ve made this dish twice.  The first time, we ate it but didn’t quite enjoy it.  After we had it the second time, the Wee One thanked me for cooking it.  The next day, he ran out to my car after I pulled up in the driveway after work.  He wanted to eat the left overs for dinner that night.

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What We Ate in Universal Studios – Florida – Day 3

I’ve shared what ate on Day 1 and Day 2 of our visit to Universal Studios in Florida.  This Wednesday, I’m going to share what we ate on the third day of our visit to Universal Studios.  We visited Islands of Adventure on that Tuesday.

When we got to Islands of Adventure on that Tuesday morning, we darted over to the Hogsmeade area of the park.  We rode the rides and then ate at the Three Broomsticks for our breakfast.


Inside the Three Broomsticks.  When we were at the Leaky Cauldron the day before, we were given a flag with a number.  They sat us and brought us the food.  At the Three Broomsticks, we had to carry the food to our seats.  They had an outdoor seating area with a view of Hogswarts so we sat there instead of inside the restaurant.


I got the traditional English breakfast once again.  Hubby got his American breakfast and the boys got their pancake breakfast.   I didn’t take photos of their breakfasts since they were the same as the day before.


The Wee One decided to try pumpkin juice.  YUM!!


My hot Butterbeer – DELICIOUS!


The hamburger and fish sandwiches we got at the Comic Strip Cafe in the Toon Lagoon area of Islands of Adventure.  The Imaginative One had the hamburger and I had the fish sandwich.

The fish sandwich was too dry so I don’t recommend it.


Once we were done at Islands of Adventure, we went back to the resort so that the boys could swim.  The day was perfect for swimming.

Hubby and I decided to get a grown up drink from Atomic Tonic.  We got a key lime frozen drink that was absolutely YUMMY!


The chocolate frog we got at Honeydukes.


The dinner we got at Bayliner Diner.  The Imaginative One got a hot dog, I think.  The Wee One got himself a kid’s cheese pizza.


I got th delicious Philly Cheese steak flat bread for my dinner.  It was so good.


We went to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium after we were done with Islands of Adventure.  Hubby wanted some chocolate rocks from there.  I got myself a macaroon and a box of chocolates.

I ate the pistachio macaroon for breakfast the next day.  Four of the chocolates were eaten when we got home from the trip.  I still have two more to indulge in.


I hope you enjoyed what we ate while we were in Universal Studios.

Have a magical day,

Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Universal Studios, Florida – Part 3

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving.

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A Perfect Snow Day

My alarm jerks me out of sleep.

Then the phone rings, the voice on the other line says “Due to the weather, there is going to be no school for ___ School District.”

Image result for teacher snow day

Since I’m now awake, I curl up on the couch under my comforter.  I either read a book, play on my phone, or try to catch up on my sleep.

After a few hours, I’ll finally get up for the day.  When I look outside, I’ll be grateful I don’t have to go anywhere.

I’ll then grab my DSL-R camera so I can take some photos of the beautiful snow.  I’ll either take photos from the front or back door so I do not have to get out of my pajama pants.

Or if I feel up to it, I’ll get dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

 Okay let’s be honest, I won’t get out of my pajamas all day.  

I’ll put on the coat and boots on over my pajamas so I can head outside to enjoy the silence of the snow falling and get photos of untouched snow. 


 When I get back inside, the Wee One and the Imaginative One will be up for the day.
Usually the Imaginative One does not want to go outside, however the Wee One will eventually want to go outside. 

He’s going to spend an half and hour playing hide and seek game with our hats, gloves, and boots so he can head outside for five minutes of fun.

During his five minutes of fun, he throws snowballs at the house or trudges through the snow.  Maybe he will sort of clean off my car.



This is the Imaginative One a few years ago

Once he is inside, he will drag snow throughout the house.  Winter gear will be thrown throughout the living room, kitchen, and the hallway.

Hubby and I will repeatedly remind him to clean up the wet floors.

The boys will retreat to one of their bedrooms to play on their tablets.  Or they might play on the computer.  As long as their cabin fever does not cause them to become hyper or fight, I don’t mind them on the electronics.

Since I’m home, I may make a special lunch or dinner.

The rest of the day is rinse and repeat until it’s bedtime.

If there is another snow day the next day, we might go crazy in the house.  One snow day allows the teachers to recharge our batteries.  Two or more snow days causes cabin fever.

(Just so you know:   No schoolwork will be touched during my perfect snow day.)

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

What We Ate in Universal Studios – Florida – Day 2

In November, we traveled to Orlando, Florida.  We visited Universal Studios and the Walt Disney World resort.  I’m sharing what we ate at both places.  Please check out my travel page for the other What We Ate blog posts.


The Hot Butterbeer from the Leaky Cauldron


The boys’ pancake breakfasts.  The Wee One did not finish his plate so his 13 year old brother finished his plate for him.


My traditional British breakfast – I tried the blood pudding but did not like it.


Hubby’s traditional American breakfast


The Leaky Cauldron


We spent the day in Universal Studios.  I had heard about the huge pink doughnut that you could get in the Simpson’s area of Universal.



The doughnut


The doughnut


The doughnut was as big as his head.


The ice cream from Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor – I got the apple flavor.


The Imaginative One got the chocolate swirl one.


We ended up at City Walk for lunch. We decided to go see Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them while in Universal Studios.  I got chips and queso from Moe’s.


Hubby and the Wee One shared Chinese from Panda Express.

The Imaginative One had Burger King for his lunch.

Once again, we had cereal, oatmeal, and Oatmeal Creme pies for breakfast.  I tried to make Taco Soup in the slow cooker for our dinner.  However when we got back to the room, the slow cooker was unplugged off.  So we did not have that for dinner.
Hubby, the Wee One, and I shared a pizza for dinner.  I don’t know what the Imaginative One ate for dinner.

Happy eating,

Menu Plan Monday – Week of January 16, 2017

This week I’m actually on top of my game with our menu.  Yeah!

On Saturday, I cooked up raw hamburger in my slow cooker so that I could have already cooked hamburger meat for the week.


Lasagna in the slow cooker, Garlic bread, Salad, and Cherry Apple Crisp


Veggie Beef Soup in the slow cooker, French Bread


Taco Casserole in the slow cooker


Sausage – Maple Bourbon for the adults and Smoked for the boys, Roasted new potatoes, veggies


Left overs


KFC for the children, Out to dinner for Hubby and I


Out to dinner for all members of the family

For other menu plans, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.


Moms Sometimes Know Best

When I was in college, my mother gave me two pieces of advice.  One I followed right away while the other one it took a few years for me to follow.  Both were the best pieces of advice because they have shaped me into the person I am today.

The year was 1995.  I was in my second year at the local community college.  During the fall quarter, I had worked in the cooperative education office but had been let go because of something the other student worker had done.  (I don’t remember what the reason was for the dismissal.)  Even though I let go, I still was part of the office.  Anyway one of the administrators who worked in the office had gone or went to my grandparents’ church.  He told my mom that he could help her with a job or something.

While she was in his office talking to him, she noticed a sign.  The sign was for the Disney College Program and when the interviews were going to be held.  I knew about the Disney College Program but had really thought about interviewing for a position.

Mr. M. was the professor in charge of our community college’s Disney College Program.  He coordinated with the Disney Company so that local students could interview for the program.  Then he made sure we did all prerequisites before heading down to Lake Buena Vista.  He was also the person we turned all of our assignments into while we were down there.  Mr. M. even came down to visit while we were in Lake Buena Vista.

As I said, Mom noticed the sign for the Disney College Program.  When she came home that evening, she suggested I interview for a position.

On March 15, 1995, I followed her advice and interviewed with the Disney Company.  A month and a half later, I was accepted into the program.  Four months after that, I was on a plane down to Orlando for an experience that would change my life forever.

 celine and I Celine, my French roommate, and myself


The other piece of advice was given to me by her a few years later.  She told me that I should not major in elementary education.  Instead I should major in special education.  She saw that I had more qualities that would fit a special educator than a general education teacher.

I did not heed her advice.  Instead I majored in elementary education.

A few years after she gave me the advice, I was hired not to be an elementary teacher but to be a special educator.  So I had to go back to school for more classes.

I was meant to be a special educator.  She was right when she initially gave me the advice.

Last spring I had the opportunity to watch one of my students graduate from college with his bachelor’s degree.  I had taught him my first year of teaching.

T. and I went out to lunch the day after his college graduation.  I confessed to him that when I taught him, it was my first year of teaching.  He told me that he thought I had been teaching for years.  It was so natural for me. #1 (220)

T. and I at his college graduation

What is some advice that you had been given?  Did you follow the advice or did you ignore it?

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

What We Ate in Universal Studios – Florida – Day 1

For other What We Ate blog posts, visit my travel page.

Before we visited the Disney resort, we visited Universal Studios, Florida.  We stayed at Cabana Beach Bay Resort.

Here is what we ate the day we arrived and then during our first day in the park.


The salad I got in the Bayliner Diner.  I was in the mood for some fresh food when we arrived so I got this salad.


We tried a cold Butterbeer.  The boys refused to try the Butterbeer.


This is me trying the cold Butterbeer.  It was okay but not as good as the hot Butterbeer.


We went over to the Hogsmeade area in the Islands of Adventure.  Of course, we went into Honeydukes.


My marshmallow, chocolate, and walnut fudge from Honeydukes.


Hubby’s Butterbeer fudge from Honeydukes.


My cheeseburger from Burger Digs in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure.  I found out that the piece of cheese on my burger was a dollar.  If I had known that, I would have gotten a hamburger instead.

The Imaginative One got the same thing except his was without cheese and only had ketchup on his burger.

Hubby and the Wee One shared a hot dog.  They ate it before I was able to get a photo of it.


We would get water cups and then put flavor enhancers in the water.


I wanted Cinnabuns but decided to get the little doughnut holes type of cinnamon roll.  It came with a little cup of icing.


The Imaginative One rode the Incredible Hulk so he got himself a Frappachino as a prize.  We tried to get him a shirt saying he rode it but he opted for the drink instead.


The salad I got that night from the Bayliner Diner.

We also had breakfast in the room.  Cereal for the boys, oatmeal for me, and oatmeal creme pies for Hubby.

I made sloppy Joes in my slow cooker for our supper.  We had Pringles with the sloppy Joes.  That’s the only day I was successful with my slow cooker.

Join me next Wednesday for what we ate in Universal Studios – Day 2.

Happy eating,

Cabana Beach Bay Resort – Universal Resorts – Part 1

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving.

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