Apple Fest 2016 – Part 1

Every year I attend a local park’s Apple Fest.  I took Tanya with the boys the first time I attended the fest.  The boys were 15 months old and 3 years old.  I remember that’s the weekend the Wee One stopped nursing and the Imaginative One declared he wore underwear because he wanted to start potty training. Continue reading “Apple Fest 2016 – Part 1”

Date Nights

Since I still dealing with the death of my sister and with my mom living with us, Hubby has made it a point to start taking me on dates. We went on a couple during the summer, but nothing to regular. Now he feels as though it is a necessary part of our relationship. 

Do the dates have to be a big drawn out affair?  No. We’ve gone on two so far. On one of them we went to his favorite quick Italian “fast food” restaurants and then got custard. We then watched the sunset. Okay I watched the sunset, he played Pokemon Go. 

The second date was to Red Lobster, Half Price Books, Best Buy, walking across a walkway over one of our busy highways, and then sitting in his mom’s hot tub. 

We are going to make a point to go on a date often so we can keep our relationship strong through this trial of life. 

In fact, we are planning a weekend away when I have a long weekend in October. We are going 3 hours away just to get away from every thing. We are going to work on our bucket list of visiting zoos while we are there. 

It’s important to work on your relationships while going through the trials of life. 

Mom, What’s For Dinner? – Week of September 25

It’s been almost a month since my sister died.  Right before her death, I had started a menu plan for the month of September but had not completed it.

Continue reading “Mom, What’s For Dinner? – Week of September 25”

The Time I was Rick Rolled (Before Rick Rolling was a Thing)

When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I got money for a Christmas or my birthday.  I can’t remember why I got the money.  So I decided to buy George Michael’s Faith album.  I had liked George Michael since his days with Wham!  My favorite song when I was my youngest son’s age was “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

On the Faith album, there was a song called “I want Your Sex.”  I was so naive so I didn’t think anything of that song.  Well, soon after I bought the album the tape in the cassette tape decided to break.  We went back to return the tape.

Grandma had not seen the tape when I bought it but when we got to the store she had seen the names of the songs.  Boy was she mad at me.  I was not suppose to be listening to songs about sex at my young age.

I was not allowed to buy another Faith album.  I was allowed to return it and get a different album by a different artist.

So what did I get instead?  I ended up with Rick Astley’s “Whenever You Need Somebody.”  I can remember opening that cassette tape and my grandpa playing it on the radio of his Astro Van.

I was Rick Rolled by my grandma.  To be honest, I liked the album at that point in my life.

I think the Faith album was the first album I ever bought.  If my boys bought something like that I would be so upset.  It was not an appropriate album for my age.

This was the time I was Rick Rolled.

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