Pretzel Rolls

My family loves pretzel rolls.  Actually they like anything pretzel related – hard or soft.  These rolls take extra work but are worth the happiness from your family when you finish this delicious treat. You could serve them as a carb at your dinner table or you could use the rolls to make a deliciousContinue reading “Pretzel Rolls”

Memorial Day Food Ideas

I know that tomorrow is Memorial Day.  I was just thinking about what I could make for dinner tomorrow night. Here are some ideas of what you could serve at your barbecue:

Peach Crisp Smoothie Bowl

A few weeks ago, I was craving a smoothie bowl for dinner. So I made a peach crisp smoothie bowl. This would be a good breakfast or dessert during the summer when it is hot outside.

Mom, What’s for Dinner? – Week of May 16

Once again, I’m going to give a list of dinners that I’ve planned for the week.  All of the meals are going to be cooked in the slow cooker.  I’ve prepped all of them so they are going to be thrown in the slow cooker before I go to work.

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

This DOES NOT have pineapple or ham in it because that is not what makes it Hawaiian.  When I looked for a different type of macaroni salad, I found this recipe for Hawaiian macaroni salad. According to the blog, I got the original recipe from the macaroni salad is part of the Hawaiian plate lunch.