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I’m not going to be posting any weekly menus for the next three weeks.  We are currently just eating out of the freezer because I have a lot of food stock piled in the freezer.  Hubby expressed his concern with the amount of food we have in there so I’m going to be use some of the food up.  Plus there is another reason I’m not going to menu plan but I won’t discuss it until a later time.

Hubby and I are having issues with using the slow cooker for our dinners because he is either forgetting to turn it on low when he’s been asked to do it by me or I make the mistake of turning it on high instead of low because I think I’m using one crock pot but I’m using another crock pot.  Don’t ask.

Anyway after our last issue with the crock pot, I went on Amazon and got us a new crock pot that is digital.  Sweet!  I already have one that has the automatic timer.  The problem is that it is huge and it only gives me two choices for the low temperature and two choices for the high temperature.  With this crock pot I can set the exact time I want and whether I want it to cook on low or high.


Now I’m going to start looking for new crock pot recipes for the write 31 in October.  I’m going to do another 31 days of crock pot recipes.  I’ll type of the recipes on my Google Drive between now and then.  I’ll also upload the pictures of the recipes to the Drive.  Once October comes around, I’ll then share those recipes.  The recipes will be ready to go but not the blog posts.  Those blog posts will be fresh material so that I’m following the guidelines for the write 31.  (Although I may put some notes on the Google Drive when I’m typing up the recipe.)

Here is a link to my new crock pot.  I’ll share my impressions of it after using it for a while.

Happy eating,