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Weekly Ramblings – September 26, 2015

This has been an odd week for me, cooking-wise.

  • Sunday – I cooked a great dinner for Hubby’s birthday.
  • Monday – I had training after work, so I grabbed food on the way home.  I was STARVED.   The rest of the family ate leftovers.
  • Tuesday – We had a Boy Scout potluck dinner.  Hubby was on his own while we ate at the potluck.  I warmed up a tray of mac and cheese for the potluck.
  • Wednesday – Hubby made ravioli for the family.  I did bake cookies.  I used the make-ahead chocolate chip mix for the cookies.
  • Thursday – I had to stay after work for a meeting.  Since we had a busy night, I stopped and got dinner on the way home.
  • Friday – For a third time, I had to stay after work for another meeting.  The Imaginative One had to be dropped off for a weekend camp, so Hubby took care of feeding them.  I ordered Chinese for myself because I had some online training to complete last night.

Here are some recipes I posted this past week:

I plan to use the crock pot for our dinner next week, so my family can have home-cooked meals instead of just eating whatever.  I’ll post my menu on Monday.  🙂

I have two more recipes I want to post bu,t I haven’t had a chance.

On my other blog, I posted pictures of the boys playing with bubbles, blessings, and a summer recap of the Crohn’s Conservatory and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s House.

Happy Eating,