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Elf 4 Health – Days 4 & 5

Yesterday’s challenge was to call someone and let them know how you are grateful for them in your lives.  I called my aunt and talked to her for 45 minutes.  On Wednesday, I texted one of my former students and told him I was grateful for being one of his teachers.  He has an impact on my teaching.

Today’s challenge is to drink plenty of water.  I took one of my quart-size Mason jars and drank out of it.  I filled it up 3 times in total for 72 ounces of water.  Guess where I spent most of the day?!?

I may drink a cup of hot tea without any sweetener and another glass before bed today.


Tomorrow’s challenge is to treat me.  I’ve got to do some shopping and go to a baby shower.  During my time out, I will treat myself to something.

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Foodie Pen Pal – November 2013

This month I was paired up with Anne from Pennsylvania.  She and I had similar likes in foods, so that was a help when buying her goodies.

When I got her box, I was delighted.  There were a lot of yummy treats in the box.  One of the items I am extremely excited about is the Pennsylvania Dutch apple butter.  If I hadn’t opened up a jar of pumpkin butter, I would have opened that jar up right away.  I was born in the Pennsylvania Dutch area, so it is nice to have a treat from where I was born.

All the goodies were from her area, which was nice because I like to try local foods when visiting other places.

Thanks, Anne, for a great box.