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I love coffee so much when we go to Walt Disney in late March/early April; I’ve been trying to find ways to have my morning cup.  It’s part of my breakfast routine.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a coffee maker in the hotel rooms, but we have come up with a solution: buying a resort cup so I can have my coffee in the morning and the rest of the family can use it for other drinks.

Several years ago, I wanted Keurig.  I thought it looked cool and economical because I am the only coffee drinker in the house.  A week before Christmas, I told my mom and Hubby.  They both wanted to get me the machine.  Finally, my mom got me the machine, and Hubby got me the K-cups.

I love using the K-cups, but they can get expensive.  I bought the reusable K-Cup, but it was painful because you had to take the insert out to put the filter in.  I still have it but use it rarely.  I got another reusable K-cup that did not have a flat bottom.  So it was a pain to put the grounds in because the grounds could fall out and get all over the place.  At Easter time this year, I found Cafe Cup reusable K-cups.  There were four in a pack with a scoop of coffee.  I love them because they are flat.  I use them all the time instead of K-cups.  The only problem is that the lid does not seal from time to time.

The best part of using reusable coffee filters is the economic benefit.  I can buy ground coffee for cheaper than K-cups.  One of y favorite brands is Target’s Archer Farms Ground Coffee.  I liked the Caramel Apple flavor, Autumn Roast, Pumpkin Spice, S’Mores (summer flavor), and Dark Chocolate truffle (summer flavor).  As you can see, I love flavored coffee.  I usually get it when it’s on sale.

Another coffee I like is from a local coffeehouse – Boston Stokers.  I usually 1/2 pounds of this coffee.  Two of my favorite blends are Snickerdoodle and Highlander Grogg.  Both are delicious!!!!

I also like another local coffeehouse – Winan’s Chocolates and Coffees.  I’ve discovered 2 favorites – Cashew Crunch (I believe that’s the name) and Buckeye (named after the delicious chocolate peanut butter candy).

Finally, my favorite nonflavored kind is from Tim Horton’s.

Another benefit of using reusable coffee filters is not putting all that waste in landfills.

What is your favorite coffee or even tea?

(No one has reimbursed me for my thoughts on these coffee flavors and reusable coffee filters.)