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Foodie pen pals – July edition

I sent my box to Lindsay at Say No To Bacon. She lives in Oklahoma, so it was my third time sending her there. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to visit that great state.

Debbie at Accidentally Delish sent my box all of the ways from Arizona. Since I was on vacation, I asked for food that would be great for traveling. She sent me some granola which is one of my favorite foods. I also got black bean chips. I did not bring those on the trip. I have to be in the mood for any type of chip item, and then I eat them until I’m no longer craving chips. I know I’m random. I’m saving them for when I am really craving chips. She also sent me bars. Those are great not only for the trip down but also for walking around town. I stick them in my backpack, and away we go. I also got some great fruit leather. The Wee One loves them, so I can give him one if he’s complaining about being hungry while we are walking around town.

I will add pictures and links when I have actual wifi. I took the pictures and put them on my computer. However, packing for 3 people for a week-and-a-half trip was my priority.