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Foodie Pen Pals – February

This is my fourth time participating in the foodie pen pal program.  This time I had to laugh because I got an email from the lady, Stacey, who would be mailing my box because she lived in the same area.  When I got her box, I had to LOL even more because she did not live in the same area as me, but she lived about 5 to 10 minutes from my house.  I have passed her street numerous times when I have traveled between my church and one of the main roads in town.

I sent it to Jes, who lives in Florida.  I don’t believe she has a blog, so I will post her email when she receives my box. 

I just opened your goodie box! I giggled a little whn I saw the cranberries bc I had run out yesterday and love them in cottage cheese for breakfast. You saved me a trip to the store! And dark chocolate with sea salt is a serious weakness of mine! You packed this full of things I love! 
Thank you! 
Now, I am off to make a pot if your delicious smelling coffee 🙂
Thank you again,

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Here’s an overview of what I received from Stacey.

1 (45)

I love almond butter instead of peanut butter.  This will be great to put in your purse for emergencies.

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I have to keep these away from the Wee One because he loves gummy snacks.  This is another in case of emergency stash in my purse.

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Yum! Chocolate!  Enough said.

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My favorite granola brand and flavor.  I had just gotten a bag of this a few weeks ago, so now I have 2 bags.  Yum!  Chunks of white chocolate and freeze-dried pineapple – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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I don’t know why the pic is out of focus.  I’ve recently started trying Larabars.  I love chocolate and coconut together, so this will be a real treat.

1 (53)

I had this for breakfast one morning after I received this box.  They were delicious with coffee,

1 (54)

I love the Kashi brand but haven’t tried this flavor.  This is another case of an emergency stash.

Thanks again, Stacey, for a great box.

For more information about the foodie pen pal program, visit the Lean Green Bean.