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My Journey Part 2

The First Part of the Journey

On the last Saturday of October 2007, I talked to my grandma (Grandma H.) for the last time about life and supper. Soon after that last conversation, her foot fell asleep, and she tried to walk on it. She ended up falling down and breaking her leg. Soon afterward, her health began to decline.

The next day I got a call from my father’s sister (my aunt). My other grandma (Grandma B.) was dying and was not expected to live past the evening. At 3 o’clock in the morning, I woke up suddenly. My grandma was saying goodbye to me.

While at work the next day, I got a call from my aunt that Grandma B. had died at around 3 o’clock that morning. I left work, went to the hospital to visit Grandma H., who broke her leg, and then went home to pack. My sister and I left the next morning to drive to Pittsburgh.

We went to her funeral on Halloween. Ironic because she had a big sweet tooth.

Although Grandma B. and I were not close, I associate many memories with her. Her twin beds in her guest bedroom – one had plastic covering the mattress. You would slip and slide all night long if you were the unfortunate one to get that bed. She did not cook. How much she missed my grandpa, who died in 1992.

Her death has impacted me but not as much as what was to come.

To be continued . . .