Snow Day

During December, we really didn’t see snow.  It tried to snow last Tuesday but it was more rainy then snow.  We had lots of rain.  In fact, there was a couple of times I thought I would need to take a boat to work because of how much rain we got.  Yesterday the day started out as a mild day with temperatures around 50 degrees.  During church, it started to get really windy.  In fact, we kept hearing the wind whistle throughout the service.  The rest of the day was windy with the temperatures falling quickly.  We ended the day with temperatures in the lower 30s to high 20s.

This morning I woke up to snow falling.  It’s been nonstop ever since.  The Wee One and the Imaginative One decided to go outside.  They only lasted a few minutes before calling it a day.  They wanted to warm up with hot chocolate.

Here is a picture of the boys enjoying their snow day:

Menu Planning Monday ~ January 2, 2012

I go back to work on Wednesday.  It will be nice to get some normalcy back  in my life but on the other hand it’s been nice to be able to relax and not worry about my students for a little while.  They keep me on my toes while I am teaching them.  Things they do and say are priceless.  I always say I could write a book about some of the words that come out of their mouths.

Going back to work means limited time to get food on the table when I get home.  If I don’t menu plan, I’m like a fish out of water.  I just flop around and don’t always cook or eat what I should.  Which is not good at all.

Here is my plan for this upcoming week:

Mondaybaked spaghetti, left-over Italian bread, spinach salad

Tuesday – ham egg casserole, buttermilk biscuits, pancakes or waffles, fruit

Wednesdayveggie beef soup, rolls, left-over spinach salad

Thursday – eat whatever you like night

Friday – Thai veggies with pork over rice (with a peanut sauce)

Saturday  – chicken scampi, angel hair pasta, some sort of veggie

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