Lemon Cookies

One of my favorite author/book series is Joanna Fluke’s Hannah Swenson series.  Not only does Hannah bake cookies for a living, she also solves mysteries.  Joanne Fluke also provides recipes for the readers.  I have found several of my favorite recipes from her books.  This is one of those recipes.  I don’t remember which book it is from. If you like tart lemon bars, you will like these.  They are the lemon bars in a cookie bar form.  Yummy!  Enjoy! These are wonderfully lemony and quite tart.  You may wish to sprinkle them with powdered sugar before you serve them … Continue reading Lemon Cookies

Weekly Menu for week of Dec. 5

I’ve been bad about noting making a menu which causes me to figure out what we are going to eat late in the game.  I don’t have time for that because I get home from work and then have to automatically start dinner.  If I knew what I was going to make, it would make the transition easier.  I could get the prep ready beforehand or have hubby start the dinner.  The Wee One loves eat whatever you want night and has been asking for one this week which is driving me crazy.  We’ve decided that Thursday’s would be a … Continue reading Weekly Menu for week of Dec. 5

Fried Potatoes

When I was a teenager, I lived with my mom and grandparents.  Even though my grandma was a great cook, she never taught me her recipes.  Oh, I have a few of her recipes because she gave them to me.  However, she and I never cooked in the same kitchen. One of the side dishes, she cook was fried potatoes.  I love the taste of the crispy crust of the potato when it’s been fried in a skillet.  Yum!  Once I got married and moved into a place that I cooked dinner, I started to make fried potatoes.  The problem … Continue reading Fried Potatoes

Not Pecan Pie Bars

A couple of weeks ago, I found a recipe on From Grandma Loy’s kitchen that intrigued me.  The recipe was for pecan pie bars that were made with pretzels instead of pecans.  I knew I wanted to make them but didn’t know when I would.  So on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, at dinner we were talking about Thanksgiving dinner.  I offered to make the veggies, biscuits, and desserts.  It was then I knew I would make those not pecan pie bars. Everyone was impressed with the not pecan pie bars.  It looked like real pecans were part of the topping … Continue reading Not Pecan Pie Bars