Aviation Tour – Carillon Park

Our final stop on the Aviation Tour was to Carillon Park.  I had not been to Carillon Park since I was a child.  Hubby hadn’t been there in years either.  So this ws a fun trip for all of us.  During the first half of the park, the Imaginative One and Wee One were very interested in the buildings.  However by the time they got to the Wright Cycle building, they were complaining about being fatigued from all the walking.  They regained their energy after we stopped at the Culp Diner for ice cream treats.  The Imaginative One had a sundae with mint chip ice cream and chocolate sauce.  The Wee One tried his first root beer float which he loved.

While we were there, we had fun taking pictures of Will’s scary monkey visiting different exhibits.  (Those pictures will be featured in future Wordless Wednesday posts.)

The Imaginative One’s favorite exhibit was Wilbur and Orville Wright speaking to him the beginning of the tour. 

Here are pictures of our visit to Carillon Park:

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Aviation Tour – Wright Brothers Interpretive Center

On Wednesday, we went out to my school to drop of  some of my things.  Then we went to lunch and the Wright Brothers Interpretive Center.  Last spring, I started taking Third Street home because of the construction on Route 35 at 675.  I passed the Interpretive Center many times on my way home but had not realized it.

We got to see how the Wrights figured out how to have a successful heavier than air manned flying machine.  We also learned about their printing business.  The boys’ favorite areas were the parachute area and the supermarket area.

After we finished up with the Interpretive Center, we went next door to the Wright Brothers’ Cycle Shop.  They had five bicycle shops.  The fourth one is the only one in existence.  It was neat walking into that Cycle Shop knowing that over a hundred years ago the Wright Brothers had worked there. 

Behind the Cycle Shop, there is an outhouse.  The Imaginative One asked me what an outhouse is.  He then looked at it again and decided it was a wooden port-a-potty.  I like his description.

Here are pictures from our visit to the Interpretive Center:

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