Menu Plan Monday – August 2

I can’t believe summer is almost over for me.  In a week and a half, I’m back at work and in two weeks students are back in school.  Time flies by so quickly.

I have a chiropractor appointment on Wednesday.  I won’t be able to cook dinner before hubby has to be at work.  Fortunately for me during the weekend, I prepared some freezer meals so when I planned for this week, I decided to use one of those freezer meals.  I can pull out the ravioli lasagna and hubby can follow the directions on how to prepare it.  He will get fed and then when the boys and I get home, we will be able to eat dinner right away.

Next weekend, the family is going on a weekend trip.  We are going to the Columbus Zoo, visiting and spending the night at a family friend, and then going to COSI (a science museum).  It’s our last big event before everyone going back to school.  I’m super excited because I love visiting zoos.  When the boys and I visited the Columbus Zoo in April, the polar bear exhibit wasn’t open yet.  Now it’s open so I’m excited to see it.  The best polar bear exhibit I’ve seen so far has been at the Pittsburgh Zoo so I’m anxious to compare the two exhibits.


Monday – White Castle Sliders, fries, veggie

Tuesday – Spaghetti Carbonara, garlic bread, salad

Wednesday – Ravioli lasagna (in freezer), rolls, veggie

Thursday – Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice, egg rolls

Friday – left-overs

Saturday – out

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August Meals

In a week and a half, I’m going back to work.  During this past weekend, I did some freezer cooking in preparation of going back to work.  I’ve indicated which meals are going to be from the freezer.  Having things in the freezer is going to be a huge help on days that I’m super tired and don’t want to cook.  On those days, I would usually just stop at a fast food restaurant and grab us dinner there instead of cooking. Also having things planned out helps hubby when he needs to step up to the plate and prepare dinner.  He doesn’t mind preparing dinner if it is planned out and he is told exactly what he has to do.  On those nights, I tend to do something easy. 

If I plan a big meal that takes more time to prep and cook, I cook those on Saturday nights because that is when I have more time.

Week of August 2 – We are going away for the weekend so I need to only plan for 4 days and one day of left-overs.

Week of August 9 – I start back to work during the week.

  • almost famous chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, fruit salad
  • homemade corn dogs (Food Network recipe), chips, veggie
  • Chicken cordon bleu (freezer), veggie, Easy Rolls
  • breakfast for dinner – waffles or pancakes, bacon or sausage,  fruit
  • Bowtie lasagna, garlic bread, salad or veggie
  • left-overs

Week of August 16 – Students start back this week. 

Week of August 23

Week of August 30

  • porcupine meatballs (freezer), roll, veggie
  • molasses chicken (freezer), make over macaroni and cheese, veggie
  • Skyline chili over spaghetti, rolls
  • Baked potatoes with skyline chili and cheese, veggie
  • spaghetti, Italian breadsticks, salad, applesauce
  • leftovers

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